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We have big plans to make the world a cleaner, colorful, dog friendly place by encouraging owners to pick up after their dog in a trendy way. The Doggie Doo Clip is for pet owners that do not

want to hold the dog's #2 bag. 

You'll have the option on the product page to select for Rope or Flat / Retractable.

Rope Doggie Doo Clips are meant for Rope, but are also compatible with Flat.

Doggie Doo Team

We are a large, life-loving family of dog owners who enjoy taking long walks with our furry friends. None of us wanted to be left holding the doggie bag on a walk. Let’s be real, it’s gross! We thought there has to be an invention out there that solves this problem, but there wasn’t one that was local, small and packed a personality.


We set out to create the Doggie Doo Clip, which turned into a whole family of it’s own. The Doggie Doo Clip is easy to use, convenient and makes outside time with your sweet pup even more enjoyable. So get out and get walking, and don’t get left “holding the bag”.



• Each clip is handmade

• We take pride in our quality craftsmanship

• Multiple dog breeds are available

• We offer a clean and uniquely designed solution

• We’ve designed our clip with leash stabilization

• The Doggie Doo Clip stays straight when clamped on a leash

• The Doggie Doo Clip works with flat, retractable and rope leashes

• Each clip is about .5 inches thick by 3 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall

• Increases overall enjoyment with your dog outdoors

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