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Does your dog poop far away from home or a garbage can on a walk? Do you hate carrying the poop bag home?


Well this little wooden Doggie Doo Clip is for you! With one of these adorable Doggie Doo Clips you will never have to hold a bag of poop on your walk, run or hike! It's the most adorable poop bag holder for your dog's leash that you will find!


How Does it work?
Using your thumb to push down on the dog's ear will cause the mouth to open. Bite the mouth to your dog's leash and use the backside loop to hold any bags of poop. Works perfectly with bags that have handles (such as grocery bags) and bags without handles that are knotted. The Doggie Doo Clip will hold the poo bag to your dog's leash until you are ready to throw it away in the nearest receptacle. You can also use the Doggie Doo Clip to clip clean bags to your leash and carry the dirty ones from the clip's backside.


Dimensions & Details

Each clip is about 3" wide x 2.25" tall x 1/2" thick. Laser cut from boards picked for durability and a gorgeous natural grain. Locally produced and hand crafted in Wisconsin. The laser cutting process gives the sides a trendy wood burn that make the clips stylish. Each clip is hand assembled together and checked for quality and performance.


Rope or Flat?

Please make sure you get the rope variation for rope leashes and the flat for flat leashes.
When in doubt the rope option works for both rope and flat leashes. The mouth opening for rope leashes is about 1/2" to ensure it holds tightly. If you have a thick rope leash, please contact us for additional support before purchasing.



Pattern doggie doo clips take longer to ship than the regular classic wood ones. Please expect additional creation time.


We use Masters Touch acrylic paint because they are non toxic. Master's Touch has a marvelous color palette and is water based. The paint includes no dangerous additives and carries no hazardous health concerns and is recommended for wood projects. That being said please use supervision with kids and littles, these clips are definitely not recommended for them to place in their mouth.


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